Atalanta BC Hospitality

Bonicelli catering and salumeria for Atalanta BC soccer team

Atalanta BC Soccer Team

Bonicelli became the official supplier of Atalanta BC Soccer Team during the 2018/2019 season, taking over the management of UBI Gold kitchen. UBI Gold is the new area of the UBI Banca Tribune reserved for the Nerazzurri partners and their guests.

A new concept of Hospitality, designed specifically for Atalanta, which aims to make the pre-game a unique and exciting moment to better enjoy the game.

A historic Berkel at the center of the scene, live cooking show for hot dishes (from polenta to fresh casoncelli, from Bergamo burgers to ribs), freshly cut meats, the best local cheeses and the inevitable bread and salami.

The right mix between Oktober Bier Fest spirit, the familiarity you find at home and the cuisine of a restaurant. A unique experience, like every football match!

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