Who we are

Bonicelli Catering e Salumeria

Who We Are

Bonicelli Catering and Salumeria is a dynamic and constantly evolving reality.
From 1964 to present, the tradition and passion of the first generation has joined the creativity and vitality of the second, leading the company to evolve from simple delicatessen to catering.

A catering with a “green” DNA

Born to handle the redundant deli and to limit waste, today Bonicelli catering boasts a rich selection of local products of the highest quality, emphasized by ancient and traditional recipes that enhance their aromas and flavors.
Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the core values ​​of the company, because we can not talk about future without a sustainable present. Indeed, Bonicelli is committed to developing relationships with local realities, performing zero-impact cooking and catering services and employing collaborators of its territory.

The great chefs as masters

Staff training took place in the field thanks to the teachings of great chefs and maître from the province of Bergamo, which have transformed their passion in a very successful activity.

Luca Bonicelli (owner and chef)

Visionary, tenacious and unconventional: these are the characteristics of Luca Bonicelli, owner and chef of Bonicelli Catering and Salumeria.
Some speak about destiny, Luca talks about choices: “The company of today is the fruit of vision and hard work. Believing in your projects is the first step to push the company on the path to success. And once the goal is reached? Move the bar even higher”.
What motivated him to choose tradition and genuineness as strengths?
“I’ve always been looking for something different. It will seem a contradiction, but for me today, going back to the origins rediscovering ancient recipes and typical products of each territory, is the diversity that makes Bonicelli Catering a unique and captivating reality. Watching customers taste the cake made with the original recipe of my grandma and seeing them close their eyes and sigh, is priceless”.


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